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Our Story

How It All Started

It All Starts Here!

1988 – University Silkscreen is born! We setup shop on Campus Corner in Norman, OK.

We’re Growing!

1990 – US outgrows original location and moves to a larger location. We’re still on Campus Corner in Norman, OK.

He’s Back!

Chris returns to his roots and buys the company where it all started!

We’re So Much More!

US gets into the sewing business and adds embroidery to their services. We’re more than just printing!

All Grown Up!

US outgrows location again and builds their own facility.

More Equipment!

US adds more embroidery equipment.

We Just Keep Getting Better!

US goes corporate and gets into merchandising and promotional products!

No One Better!

US adds their 3rd press and more state of the art equipment!

Busting At The Seams!

Business is booming and we’re busting at the seams!


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